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We connect African business to the European market

You need the best advice to achieve your goals. Our services are effective and varied,
depending on your field of activity.
We are a consulting and business promotion agency based in Europe and Africa.
We help you to increase your business performance.

Invest in Africa

African and European companies need a new relationship.
European companies need to have more confidence in the growing African market.
Just as African entrepreneurs should have more courage to conquer the European market.
We want to be one of the synapses of this new challenge

Education & further training

Education and training are the key to all progress. For this reason, we want to serve as a springboard for young Africans in their quest for knowledge and in perfecting their skills through training courses.


Afro Factory Group®️
Eibenkamp, 8
45468 MH/Ruhr
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Eibenkamp, 8
45481 MH/Ruhr

The Afro Factory Group®

- Afro
[business consulting & representation]
- E.M.A
[Event, Marketing & Media Agency]
- German Lager [Logistic]
- Maisons d'Ailleurs
[Home Living, Decoration]
- Tshakula
[Food Production]
- Masterbeat Music
[Music Marketing]


Communication, Marketing, Politique, Music, Social, Event, Investment

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